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A Firm that thinks in a "glocal" way, that is, with the support and vision of a global firm, but with a more local and specialized business treatment at a regional level.


In Peru, we started our operations in September 2018, under the name of ANTUT. The name of our local brand is derived from the Aguajun language that means listening.

This definition is the premise of our service approach and shows connection with our customers. In February 2020, we are incorporated in the Mc Millan Woods global network, which is based in England and Malaysia.


Our firm has developed a business strategy based on the development of high value-added service opportunities, which starts from the moment we listen to our clients' needs, identify tangible opportunities and turn them into practical solutions that meet their requirements. For us it is important that our level of communication towards the Top Management is fluid and that our leaders are present in each of the decisions directed to our clients.


Our leaders actively participate in the meetings held with the Top Management, developing a fluid communication to prevent them from the presence of potential risks that could affect their business operations. The attention of our clients is a priority and that is why we establish dynamic and recurrent communication channels, the pillar of our strategy being the satisfaction of the services we offer them.

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We are part of the Mc Millan Woods Global network, a leading global association of independent firms with over 250 offices in 73 countries around the world.

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