a firm that thinks glocally

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A firm that thinks glocally

Antut has the purpose to build trust in the society and to solve important problems. For this, an integrated Corporate Responsibility in the business is fundamental, where Antut recognizes to be part of the solution to create value through a responsible business, doing the right things and being a driver of change.

At Antut we understand Corporate Responsibility (CR) as the way in which social, environmental and economic interests are integrated with our values, culture and decision-making in the way we operate. As a firm, we share the commitments to achieve a global impact. These commitments are grouped into four main action lines: Responsible Business, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Action and Environment.
Antut audited the financial statements of Noche de Arte - American Peruvian Association (NDA) for the years ended December 31, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“Noche de Arte" is the largest charity art event in the country that year after year seeks to benefit various institutions that work to promote projects that help the welfare of children, women and elderly of limited resources in the various communities of Peru. This event brings together over 300 Masters, Consecrated Persons and new artists who donate their talent to bring joy and hope to children, women and the elderly in a state of total abandonment. The Noche de Arte team is made up of volunteers: companies, people and friends whose work, professional contributions and sponsorship make it possible to achieve these goals. Noche de Arte is one of the cultural events with the greatest national coverage and each year it receives more than five thousand attendees and offers companies the possibility of carrying out an act of social responsibility, positioning their brand and strengthening their organizational image.”

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